about greenelaves plant hire

GreenLeaves Plant Hire was established in 1997 and is Located in Fremantle. We service both Short Term and Long Term clients with plants for Trade Shows, Functions, Weddings and Parties. And for the Long term we can provide the green touch to your office, show rooms, restaurants and Display Homes. We offer both short term and long term plant hire.

why greenleaves

Recent studies in Europe show, that a GREEN workplace increases productivity by up to 30%, whilst reducing the number of sick leave days. The green leaves produce oxygen through photosynthesis, thus keeping employees and customers feeling fresher for longer. We take the responsibility to regularly care for your plants and either keep them alive or replace them at no extra cost. NO more worrying about dry or over watered plants ever again or who is going to do the job! With our imported peat moss of the highest quality, combined with a revolutionary, invisible watering system, your plants will always have the right amount of moisture. Thanks to the design of this system we only need to be in your office every 3 weeks! All we need from you is a tap with fresh water.

the greenelaves range

Here at GREENLEAVES we have a wide variety of plants on stock to suit your taste and light level requirements, such as Money Plant, Cast Iron plant, Cane Palm, Happy Plant, Dracanea Red Edge, Cabbage Tree, Parlour Palm, Weeping Fig, Ficuses, Kentia Palm and Many More.